BuzzFeed Reports on American Female ISIS Jihadi Featured On Gateway Pundit

umm jihad
Photo of UmmJihad and other ISIS women via Radio Free Europe – Radio Liberty

BuzzFeed published an in-depth articleon Friday by reporter Ellie Hall about a young American woman who traveled to Syria to join ISIS late last year that features interviews with the woman and her naturalized American citizen father from Yemen who says he who reported his daughter to the FBI.

The Gateway Pundit reported last month on the woman’s Twitter account where she called for Muslims in America to “take down” President Barack Obama and slaughter Americans at patriotic parades.

“An alleged American ISIS fighter in the Islamic State posted a call to Twitter on Thursday for Muslims to murder Americans (specifically veterans) at patriotic parades and to ‘take down’ President Barack Obama.

“The Twitter account called “Umm Jihad @ZumarulJannah” with the sub-name “Umm Jihad Al Amrikiyah” appears to be an American woman who traveled to the Islamic State last December and was married to an Australian ISIS fighter who was apparently killed in battle this week.”

BuzzFeed reporter Hall said Friday she has been aware of UmmJihad’s Twitter account since December,” I’d actually been tracking her account and looking into her since December 2014, but thanks anyways?”


Below is a scene-setting excerpt of the BuzzFeed article, Gone Girl: An Interview With An American In ISIS.

“BuzzFeed News has confirmed this anti-American ISIS member is a 20-year-old American citizen named Hoda who ran away from her home in Hoover, Alabama, in November to become an ISIS member, bride, and, now, widow.

“After BuzzFeed News identified Hoda and found her family, she agreed to give a series of exclusive interviews from Raqqah, Syria, over the messaging app Kik, on the condition that no images of her uncovered face would be published.

“The family requested BuzzFeed News not use Hoda’s last name, or the names of her mother or siblings due to concerns about their safety. In addition to the Kik conversations with Hoda, BuzzFeed News spoke at length to her father, who asked to be only identified by his first name, Mohammed.

“A naturalized U.S. citizen who fled Yemen with his wife more than 20 years ago, Mohammed watched from across an ocean as his country descended into civil war. As each of his five children were born, far away from falling bombs and tribal violence, he thanked God for their lives in the United States.

“Mohammed never imagined that his youngest daughter would grow to hate the country that had given the family refuge, or that she would run away from home to a battlefield in the Middle East.”

Hall traveled to Alabama and interviewed classmates of the American ISIS woman, Hoda, as well as her father. The interview with Hoda was conducted online.

Click here to read the entire BuzzFeed article.

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