Ceasefire Oregon Is Getting Lambasted On YouTube

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 5.35.07 PMPenny Okamoto is the director of Ceasefire Oregon, the gun control organization that has been lobbying for years for more restrictive gun laws in Oregon. Mrs. Okamoto loves to gives presentations to other groups throughout the state. Unfortunately, a lot of folks buy into her hysteria. Fortunately, several videos have recently been uncovered of her delusional blatherings, which have made for excellent YouTube fodder.


In this first video, she says the U.S.A.’s high rate of gun ownership is like living “in a country with mosquitoes, you gotta worry about malaria.”


As the “universal background check” bill works its way through the state legislature, one gentleman in the crowd asks her about an example of him wanting to sell a gun to a friend. She advises him to break the law, should the bill pass, and to sell the gun without going through the background check.

She also says that criminals just go to the black market to get guns, thus negating the background check law that her organization has spent years pushing for.

Those are just some of the videos. I’ll spare you a slew of embedded videos, and just post the links with titling (Yes, each one seems more and more ridiculous than the previous):

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Penny Okamoto Makes Fun Of Constitution, Churches
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