Brooklyn College Students Praise The Rise Of ISIS (VIDEO)

Guest post by DMartyr


Pam Geller gave a speech at Brooklyn College last night and Muslim students disrupted the events throughout. Disturbingly, the majority Muslim audience laughed, cheered, and shouted “Alhamdulillah” (“Thanks be to Allah”) as Geller described ISIS atrocities.

When an audience member, herself a victim of genocide, expressed support of Geller, the vicious mob savagely turned on her. Proud of their disruptions, the gloating students then took selfies while raising their index fingers – the salute ISIS terrorists use.

Geller writes:

I spoke tonight at Brooklyn College, if you can still call it that. Every seat was filled — 80% by Muslim students. If this is the future, it is murder. The sneers, the jeers, the laughter — my discussion of the most savage acts was met with huge peals of laughter. It wasn’t a talk, it was a vicious circus: lawless and shameful. […]

There were many Muslim girls in the audience. I asked them where they were for Rifqa Bary, and Aqsa Parvez, and Noor Almaleki, and the other victims of honor killing and oppression? Of course, in response there were just more jeers, more catcalls.

This event made it clear: Brooklyn College and our nation’s universities in general are not about learning, or about reasoned discourse, or about a search for truth. They are centers for fascist indoctrination. And the fascists were out in force tonight.

At one point, Geller mentions that ISIS continues to grow in the Middle East and several students praised Allah:

It’s alarming enough that college students would behave in such a disrespectful manner. But to praise terrorists who are brutally murdering, torturing, raping, and enslaving innocent people is a whole other level of depravity.

Where’s the safe space on campus if radical jihad activists are your trigger?


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