UPDATE: Uplands Park City Manager FIRED After Telling FOX News Ferguson Police Shooting Was Set-Up With KKK

City Manager Fired–
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A city manager from North St. Louis County named John Mohammad told reporter Steve Harrigan on FOX News that the police shooting in Ferguson was an inside job.

“I think it was a complete set up. I think it was a setup of the police fraternities, what I like to call them. I think they operate just like the KKK. I think they did it to make themselves look like the victim, when honestly the victim are black people. I think it was a just a publicity stunt. No more than that.”

John Mohammad went on to say maybe the KKK was behind it.


John Mohammad is was city manager of Uplands Park.

Mr. Mohammad faced fierce backlash after his comments on FOX News.
The city of Uplands Park suspended John Mohammad last Friday.

Today John Muhammad was fired. City leaders fired Muhammad for continued misrepresentation of his position as city manager instead of clerk.
KPLR reported:

John Muhammad is no longer working as the Village Clerk of Uplands Park. Village leaders confirmed that he has been fired. That decision came during Tuesday night’s village meeting. The meeting started at 6 pm and went into a 2-hour closed session for discussion. Muhammad’s employment was the only item on the agenda.

The village clerk was suspended last week for making inflammatory statements during a FOX News interview about the police shootings in Ferguson. The former clerk said the shootings were quote “set up by police”. Since then the small village has made big headlines. Muhammad didn’t want to go on camera but village attorney and Chairman Richard J. Magee and Michael Spurling had their say.

“This was a unanimous decision of the board to terminate John Muhammad as clerk. The reason for the termination is he continued to misrepresent his position as city administrator and manager rather than village clerk” said Magee.

“John Muhammad does not speak for the Village of Uplands Park. We’re glad they caught the person that did this to the officers and wish both a speedy recovery.” Said Spurling.

VIDEO of Muhammad’s firing is here.

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