University Official: Affordable College Is A Part Of Sustainability (VIDEO)

CSU East Bay (Image Clastateonline)

As the worshipers of Global Warming continue to manipulate and pervert their cause to such an extent that they now claim the warming of the planet is causing the record cold temperatures across the county. There are some who are now claiming that the cure to man-made global warming, Sustainability, includes not only efforts to make clean air and water, but now affordable college tuition.

During a recent interview California State East Bay’s Sustainability Director, Jillian Buckholz, stated that clean air, clean water, and affordable college are all apart of Sustainability:

“Sometimes when you talk to people about Sustainability, Climate Change, it seems like: “yea I think I kinda like that. I think I support that.”  But sometimes it seems like this big daunting task that what is one person like myself going to do about it?

But when you talk to people and you say, do you want to have clean air to breath, and clean water to drink? And live in a place that is easy to get around and doesn’t create a lot of gases and fumes where you live. And colleges that’s affordable and accessible to everybody. People say: “Yea I want those things.”

“And that is Sustainability.”

Video below (3:50-4:34):

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