Hillary Faces the Lapdog Media – Fawning Press Praise Her Work

Hah! Hillary Clinton faced the press today at the United Nations.

Hillary Clinton Twitter Avatar

She spoke about human rights.

Then Hillary attacked Republican Senators.


Then she spoke about her controversial, unethical and potentially illegal personal email accounts while at the State Department.

Hillary said she gave investigators 55,000 pages of emails to Congress.

Hillary says she did not turn over her personal emails on yoga routines(?)

“Looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate accounts and separate phones.”
(It was the law.)

Hillary says she is very proud of her foundation that accepts funding from brutal regimes that oppress women.

“There can be no mistake for her passion for women’s rights.”
Tell that to the women in Afghanistan.

Hillary insists she did not delete any pertinent emails.
So we’ll just have to trust her.

Hillary says she had numerous safeguards and they had no security breaches.
OK then.

Not one question about her breaking the law… Not one.

Hillary Clinton says every single government employee does the same thing.

One good question: Why did you not turn over emails until two years later?
Will it affect your decision to run for president?

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