Hillary Clinton’s “Peace Talks” With Taliban Show Her Disregard for Women’s Rights

The Taliban has a long history of abuse.
Women are treated worse than animals. Public beatings and stonings occur on a regular basis.

Hillary Clinton orchestrated US peace talks with the Taliban – despite their history of violence against women.
And it was Hillary who orchestrated unrealistic “peace talks” with these brutal barbarians.
The American Thinker reported:

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton orchestrated peace talks with the Taliban. The first meeting took place in Germany on November 28, 2010. Clinton sent a State Department official to meet with the Taliban leader’s chief of staff. Additional meetings were held after that, and Clinton continued to push negotiations with the Taliban right up to the time she left office on February 1, 2013.

In the months leading up to that first meeting in Germany, the Taliban in Afghanistan killed 10 medical aid workers, including 6 Americans. In the Kunduz province of Afghanistan Taliban commanders ordered the stoning of a 19-year-old woman. She was put in a pit, was stoned, tried to crawl out, and was then shot three times in the head. In Pakistan, the Taliban blew up two girls’ schools…

…Back at the State Department, Clinton and her staff were discussing “the idea of major speech on the prospects for peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan.” Of the February 18, 2011 speech in New York, Clinton wrote, “I explained that we were conducting a third surge, a diplomatic one, aimed at moving the conflict toward a political outcome that would shatter the alliance between the Taliban and al Qaeda, end the insurgency, and help produce a more stable Afghanistan and a more stable region.”

“This is the price for reaching a political resolution … I said, including a subtle but important shift in language, describing these steps as “necessary outcomes” of any negotiation rather than ʻpreconditions.ʼ It was a nuanced change, but it would clear the way for direct talks.”

A second meeting was held with the Taliban, this time in Qatar, and a third in May of 2011.

During this period – March, April, and May – a Taliban gunman killed the principal of a girls’ school in Afghanistan after he ignored a warning to stop teaching girls. A Taliban suicide bomber set off a bomb in a hospital cafeteria, killing medical students. Taliban fighters killed 35 workers of a road construction company in the Paktia province of Afghanistan. A Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up outside an Afghan recruiting center, killing 36 people, including 5 children. The children were mainly shoe shine boys, working in the crowd. A Taliban spokesman said they “were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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taliban woman
Taliban fighters shoot a woman in the head in a public stadium. (Rawa.org)

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