France To Fight Islamic Terrorism Through Government Trained Imams

algeria-imams Islamic Imams from Alergia (Image African Post)

Last month, the French Government said it would fight Islamic terrorism by creating jobs and expanding the Socialist state a week before the Obama State Department echoed almost exactly the same thing.

Now, France 24 reports that the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls says that as a part of their strategy to fight Islamic Terrorism in France the Socialist government is going to expand Islamic classes in their State run Universities in order to combat the foreign influence on French Imams. Basically create Government trained and educated Imams:


In a speech in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, Valls said that improving home-grown Islamic education was essential to defeating the ignorance that makes “Islamist extremism and the far right feed off each other”.

His speech follows January’s Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks and comes amid concern about the influence of radical foreign imams on Muslims in France, which has Western Europe’s biggest Muslim community.

“…Valls said he wanted more imams and other religious figures, such as prison chaplains, who have been trained abroad to “undergo more training in France, to speak French fluently and to understand the concept of secularism” that is a core pillar of French Republican values.

“There are currently six universities in France offering courses in Islamic studies and theology. Valls said he wanted to double that number to 12 and that the courses would be free.

“The only response to the dangers that we face is the French Republic,” Valls said. “This means the acceptance of the secular state, improving education, universities, understanding and intelligence.”

“But there will be no laws, decrees or government directives to define what Islam means,” Valls said. “The French state will never attempt to take control of a religion.”

While Prime Minister Valls swears that this isn’t an example of the French Government trying to take over religion, one could make the case that it is on the same path as a Government take over.

So the next question should be, how long before the Obama administration “suggests” that the American government should influence religion in order to fight extremism?

If last month was any indication probably about a week.

But instead of targeting Islam to fight extremism, the Obama administration (who refuses to even admit that Islamic extremism is the enemy) will most likely go after Christianity. Because that is the religion of those who the administration considers the real threat: the “Right-Wing“.

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