Abortion Supporters Crash Pro Life March

Abortion supporters crashed a pro-life march in San Francisco in January.
Via Facebook:

Every year, the anti-abortion movement dominates the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade & mourns the legalization of abortion. This year WE’RE FIGHTING BACK!

In San Francisco on Saturday, January 24 we will take to the streets to challenge the “Walk for Life” organized by the anti-abortion, anti-women fanatics. 2014 saw another record year of TRAP laws and clinic closures. Now in 2015 Congress introduced a National Abortion ban on its very first day back in session.

We will NOT be silent in the face of hatred. We will NOT stay home as fascists parade through the streets. We will STAND UP for abortion rights, CONFRONT & DEFEAT this war on women!

Abortion on Demand & Without Apology
Women are NOT bitches, ho’s, punching bags, breeders or sex objects — Women are full human beings!
Los Angeles, CA – GET ON THE BUS and Ride to SF to Confront Woman-haters!
Friday, Jan. 23
Press Conference – 11:00 am PST
Launch off – 1:00 pm PST, Revolution Books, Hollywood/Wilton, LA

An article on the RevCom website includes the paragraph

Meanwhile, in D.C., “This fight has never been about babies. This fight has ALWAYS been about women’s lives!” screams one, uhh, “woman” into a megaphone, then leading a chant of “ABORTION IS NOT MURDER!” whilst wearing the bloodstained pants that were featured in a previous video. “YOU HATE WOMEN!” they shout later on. I couldn’t make it past the 4:00 minute mark when she’s shouting about a “dark ages agenda.”


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