Pelosi and Top Democrats Meet With Cuban Communist Vice President

RaulGettingReady-400x276Young Raul Castro (above) preparing an anti-Communist supporter for execution. (Image The Real

The horrors which were committed by the Castro brothers, and their supporters, as they came to power in Cuba are second only to their Communist cousins who seized power in Russia decades before. One of the main tools used by the Castro brothers for forcing their Marxist ideology on the poor people of Cuba were the infamous firing squads. Almost 1,300 people were swept up by the Communist revolutionaries and executed.

But ABC reports that the plight of the Cuban people, nor the bloody history of the Castro brothers were on the mind of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and a contingent of her fellow Democrats today as they met with the Cuban Communist Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel:


The minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives and a delegation of fellow Democrats have met with Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the man currently expected to take power after President Raul Castroleaves office in 2018.

Cuban state media say Rep. Nancy Pelosi and eight colleagues on Thursday discussed Cuban economic reforms, U.S-Cuba relations and congressional efforts to lift the U.S. trade embargo onCuba. A spokesman for Pelosi says her office has no immediate comment on the meeting.

U.S. officials say Pelosi’s delegation is the first to meet with Diaz-Canel. Some previous delegations have met with Castro.”

So while Democrats love to protest the fact that Republicans have invited to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, they have no hesitation in meeting with Communist leaders whose power was founded on the blood of an innocent and freedom loving people.

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