Is Oregon’s Ex Guv Dumping Evidence?

02292012landfill264_t670The saga of John Kitzhaber takes another strange twist. With the IRS now joining the FBI in the investigation into the corruption of Oregon’s ex governor, Kitzhaber was seen dumping documents. Literally. At a dump, FOUR HOURS away from where he lives.

The Oregonian reports:

“The former governor and Hayes showed up at the Knott Landfill southeast of Bend in a pickup and an SUV about 2 p.m. last Friday and spent a few minutes dumping trash, according to Timm Schimke, the director of the Deschutes County Solid Waste Department.


As it happened, there was a glitch processing the credit card that the former first couple offered for payment — one that locked up the entire system and required a supervisor to reset.

At that point, workers recognized who they were dealing with and apparently decided the dumping might be of interest to law enforcement. Kitzhaber and Hayes are targets of a federal investigation.”

Deschutes County Sheriff deputies arrived on scene and began sifting through and collecting what had been dumped. Too bad it was after Kitzhaber and his shack up honey, Cylvia Hayes, had left the scene.

Bend, OR is 180 miles away from where Kitzhaber lives, which is Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland. It is a 4 hour drive over several mountain passes.


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