Dinesh D’Souza Refuses to Apologize for His Obama-Ghetto Remarks (Video)

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted this out this week on America’s narcissistic Community Organizer-in-Chief.

Predictably, the left came unglued and lashed out at Dinesh for his “racist” ghetto remarks.

Dinesh did not back down.
The conservative producer went on Newsmax TV to discuss his remarks.
Mediaite reported:


D’Souza dismissed the “height of idiocy” from liberals, saying it’s just a well-known phrase that he applied to the president because, in his view, Obama is narcissistic and putting him in the White House won’t change his ways. He completely stood by the tweet and said rather definitively, “No apologies.”

Swerdlick shot back: “On its face the tweet makes two references that could clearly be seen as trying to underscore President Obama’s race.” He didn’t exactly say it was racist, but he did tell D’Souza that “referring to a grown black man as ‘boy’ is certainly seen as a putdown” and he should know that.

And, Swerdlick added, if the whole point was to highlight Obama’s narcissism, then why not just call him a narcissist and leave the “boy” part out of it?

Via The Steve Malzberg Show:

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