Code Pink Leader Medea Benjamin Still Missing – Held by US Customs on Return from Cuba (Updated)

Medea Benjamin Lift Cuba Embargo
Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin, 62, missing after returning to Miami from Cuba on February 18, 2015. Photo by Code Pink.

Code Pink co-founder Susan ‘Medea’ Benjamin has not been heard from online since Code Pink reported Wednesday afternoon she and Alli McCracken were detained by Customs and Border Patrol agents at Miami International Airport as they returned from Cuba after leading a 150 person group trip to the communist-ruled country where they met with communist officials and at least one member of the Cuban Five.

When Benjamin and McCracken, who is Code Pink’s national coordinator, were initially detained Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans and Code Pink staffers made announcements on Twitter, as The Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday night.


Since then, there has been no mention of Benjamin and McCracken by Evans and Code Pink. Benjamin has made no statements nor have any been made on her behalf.

A spokesperson for CPB told The Gateway Pundit that the agency is not allowed to speak about individual cases of detained persons, but that generally speaking U.S. citizens detained for a secondary inspection are released within a few hours and are not held overnight. The spokesperson added that travelers who bring in prohibited items such as too many cigars are fined and not arrested.

Code Pink’s silence in this matter is unusual. Before when Benjamin has had troubles entering countries like Egypt and Canada the group has raised a ruckus online urging supporters to make phone calls and emails.

Adding to the mystery is Code Pink’s close ties to the Obama administration. Jodie Evans was a bundler and early funder of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Evans and Benjamin meet with Obama and/or senior administration officials including Valerie Jarrett in private meetings and staged confrontations.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, who oversees CBP, met with Benjamin last year and reportedly asked for her autograph.

Thursday evening, Code Pink’s Los Angeles chapter is scheduled to hold a public discussion on the trip to Cuba in Culver City. Jodie Evans is listed as the moderator for the event. Medea Benjamin was not mentioned in the press release announcing the meeting.

UPDATE: Kristinn spoke with Medea Benjamin Friday afternoon by phone. She said they were singled out for secondary and third inspections and then cleared on Wednesday.

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