Anti-Gun Woman’s Hilariously Awful Public Testimony

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 2.55.38 AMWARNING: Before playing this video, please swallow your food, put down the coffee, and warn your family members and neighbors about the laughter you will soon be exerting. This is quite possibly the most delusional anti gun rant you will ever hear.

This woman rambles on incoherently, without making a single valid point, while delivering such lines as “The 2nd Amendment was written 1776… every town had guns, they were kept in the armories… We do have armories, but we use them to house the Red Cross when there’s a disaster”… “All of these law abiding citizens are shooting back and forth in front of our house”… “To get that gun, we walked into Wal Mart, went up to the gun counter, showed them our license, he bought the gun and carried it out… That’s how difficult the background check was”… “You talk about big money coming in. What do you call the NRA and all of the gun manufacturers that are making the NRA nothing but a publicity arm”…”I feel that sensible rules have to be put in place. We may not have designed them yet, but they have to be worked out. But to sit and say absolutely no change, you might as well put a gun to your head, because that is sheer stupidity”

You cannot buy this kind of comedy.

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