Japan Says Negotiations With ISIS Over Hostage Kenji Goto Have Become “Deadlocked”

Japanese hostage Kenji Goto appeared in a new ISIS video on Tuesday.
In the video Kenji says,

“I have only 24 hours to live.”

On Saturday Goto appeared in video holding a photo of his beheaded colleague Haruna Yukawa.
Untitledkenji goto video
Kenji Goto was holding a photo of the captured Jordanian pilot Lt. Kasasbeh in the ISIS production.

** Here is the ISIS video of Kenji Goto.
(In English)


Japanese officials Saturday said negotiations with ISIS over hostage Kenji Goto have become “deadlocked.”
Yahoo reported:

Japan’s deputy foreign minister says negotiations with the Islamic State group threatening to execute a Jordanian pilot and a Japanese journalist have become “deadlocked”. Yasuhide Nakayama, who is leading Tokyo’s emergency response team in Amman, told reporters in the Jordanian capital late Friday that there had been no progress in trying to secure the release of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto and airman Maaz al-Kassasbeh.

It has become deadlocked. Staying vigilant, we will continue analysing and examining information as the government is making concerted efforts together.

Japan’s deputy foreign minister Yasuhide Nakayama

Japan, which plays no military part in the fight against IS, was thrust onto the front line last week when a video appeared in which Goto and Haruna Yukawa, a self-described contractor, were seen kneeling in the desert. A masked, knife-wielding militant said Tokyo had 72 hours to pay a $200 million ransom to spare them. When the deadline expired, Yukawa was beheaded, and a voice identifying itself as Goto demanded Iraqi female jihadist Sajida al-Rishawi in exchange for the two men’s release.

isis kenji
ISIS demanded the release of prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman convicted of involvement in deadly Amman hotel bombings in 2005, for Kenji Goto.

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