In Defense of a Friend…

dana loesch fired up

This past weekend there was a very public assault of false accusations against a dear friend of mine on social media.

I wanted to briefly comment on this.

I have known Dana Loesch since 2009 when we met at a Tea Party rally at Kiener Plaza in St. Louis on Tax Day. We both spoke at the event in front of five to ten thousand St. Louis area patriots. It was one of Dana’s first public appearances. Her career has skyrocketed since then. Today Dana Loesch is a conservative rock star. Her syndicated radio show is broadcast on over 50 stations. Her television show on The Blaze TV runs five days a week. Her recent book “Hands Off My Gun” was a best-seller. Dana is known for her intelligence, quick wit, broad appeal and stunning looks.


I appreciate Dana for her role in the conservative movement and her loyalty to her friends.

A year and a half ago, I became very sick and went to the hospital after I lost vision in my left eye. After four days of tests the doctors came in on a Monday and told me I had suffered five strokes and had major heart damage that required surgery. The doctors explained that sepsis had infected my bloodstream and the bacteria ate a hole through my heart. In the afternoon I had a very painful MRI test and a spinal tap. Later that afternoon the doctors told me I would need emergency brain surgery to remove a clot from my brain. I was in awful pain at the time. I filled out papers in case I did not make it through the surgery. Dana Loesch called me that day. I asked her and Chris, her husband, to come up and pray with me. Dana, Chris, friends Ed and Fred, brothers and sisters, my niece and friend Bridget all came up and we prayed.

Later that evening I went into surgery. The doctors could not find the clot in my brain.

The following days I had a twelve-hour heart surgery and several follow up surgeries. I had my infected knee removed and was in a wheelchair for months. During my recovery Dana would stop by my house after long hours at work and see how I was doing. I can’t thank her enough.

I had several friends and family care for me, pray with me and for me in my hour of need. I had wonderful friends in the conservative movement volunteer to blog for me (Andrea, Andrew, Rachel, Andrea S., John…) until I was well. That’s what conservatives do. Today I consider my life a miracle. I can walk, drive, blog, talk and had minimal brain damage. I am eternally grateful to God.

I will not forget Dana’s kindness. She takes a lot of hits out in public. But she is a good strong woman and I am glad she is my friend.

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