St. Louis Rocks!!… 10,000 at Tax Day Tea Party Protest! (Video)

10,000 at St. Louis Tea party protest!

Bill Hennessy and Dana Loesch did a great job organizing the protest. The event was completely organized by conservative bloggers. They even had a volunteer staff at the event and a hotdog stand and food donation table set up!
They were also excellent speakers– Dana really got the crowd fired up!

Here’s my Tea Party Speech in St. Louis:

“We Got Problems!”
Hat Tip Bridget Dicker
Conservative blogger Kevin Jackson from The Black Sphere was today’s MC.

Doug Edelman also filmed the talk.


Here’s more information on the St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Protest.

After my talk I went to the top of the parking garage across from Kiener Plaza and took a couple of shots.

The crowd was terrific. Everything went off without a hitch.
There were also a lot of young people at the rally. It was a great success.

Bill Hennessey, myself and Ed Martin at the rally.

Michael Williams has more St. Louis photos.

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