5,000+ EPA Text Messages Missing; Agency Faces Internal Audit

Gina.McCarthy.and_.Barack.Obama_EPA Chief, Gina McCarthy, and President Obama (Image TPNN)

In 2013, President Obama claimed he had the “most transparent Administration ever”.

But in the two years since , considering that both the IRS, and the Health and Human Services have lost emails pertaining to ongoing investigations, it is becoming all too apparent that the Obama Administration is as transparent as mud.


Coincidentally, according to an article on FCM.com, the EPA has become apart of the Obama Administration’s ‘disappearing act’ by losing over 5,000 text messages. Now the agency is facing an internal audit:

The EPA Inspector General announced plans this week to conduct an internal audit to look into whether the agency intentionally destroyed text messages sent by a top official. The EPA may also be required to officially notify the National Archives of the missing records in accordance with federal record retention policies.

“The issue stems from a situation that arose last fall when a think tank group discovered the EPA may have scrubbed internal text messages between administrator Gina McCarthy and members of her staff. McCarthy was seen texting on on agency-issued mobile device while testifying before Congress last year on matters pertaining to energy policies.

Researchers at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, or CEI, say records show McCarthy sent more than 5,900 text messages over a three-year period, yet Freedom of Information requests show that there is no record of them whatsoever. McCarthy claims the messages were personal or social and had nothing to do with official government business but CEI says “further records … show that McCarthy had actually been texting several of her senior staffers.”

If the results of the IRS and the HHS cases are any indication, even if the EPA illegally scrubbed the text messages, no one will be prosecuted.

Because while the Obama Administration isn’t the most transparent Administration ever, it has proven that it definitely considers itself… above the law.

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