Three Union Officers Receive Communist Awards At Event Held In “U.S. News Best High School”

amistadawardspwImage People’s World

In 1935 the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) President declared that “Communism is the twentieth-century Americanism“, while at the same time infiltrated an organization that would one day be known as the AFL-CIO.

Little did people realize at the time that not only would Communism, aka Progressivism, indeed become what is now known as modern Americanism, but that the CPUSA would still have a very cozy relationship with the unions.


For example, the CPUSA news, People’s World, reports that on the recent 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPUSA, three union officers happily received Communist awards:

“NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Honorees and attendees alike showed what solidarity looks like at the 2014 People’s World Amistad Awards, “People & Nature before Profits.”

A fighting spirit of unity filled the auditorium at Arts and Humanities Cooperative High School, following an intensive and successful election year, participation in the People’s Climate March in September, and a hectic week of pickets with fast food strikers and protests of police killings.

The diverse audience of grassroots and statewide leaders, elected officials and family, friends and co-workers came out on Dec. 7th ready to enjoy high energy music and the messages of the three Awardees: Meg Riccio, chief steward of Local 35 Unite Here at Yale, Daniel Louis Durant, Jr., membership and community solidarity coordinator of AFT Connecticut, and Alberto Bernardez, Connecticut assistant director SEIU 32 BJ.

Opening the event, held on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party USA, Connecticut chair Joelle Fishman’s call to action evoked the chants of recent protests.”

The Cooperative Arts and Humanities Public High School in New Haven, Connecticut, where the Communist event was held, was recently awarded a Silver medal in U.S. News “Best High Schools” ranking.

It seems that the High Schools continued interaction with the CPUSA played little part in the decision made by U.S. News considering the Communists used the same exact location last year for their awards ceremony.

But then again, with Communis…er I mean Progressivism being the new “Americanism” why would it?

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