Liberal Ed Schultz SCREAMS at Dana Loesch: “You’re Being Unworkable!” (Video)

Liberal loudmouth Ed Schultz invited conservative talker Dana Loesch on his show today after an epic back-and-forth on Twitter.

The Obamacare brawl took place this afternoon on MSNBC.
dana ed

Schultz lost it.
Mediaite reported on the throwdown.


Very rarely do we get to witness Ed Schultz raise his voice at anyone but the camera. On Thursday afternoon, MSNBC audience was treated to a spirited debate between Big Ed and TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch.

The ideological polar opposites teased the possibility of an on-air battle Wednesday evening, when Loesch bashed the MSNBC host for criticizing her boss Glenn Beck for his take on health care policy. They eventually spoke by phone and agreed to air their grievances on cable news.

The results: Lots of finger-pointing, heated crosstalk, the host accusing the guest of being “rude,” etc., etc. See it to believe it.

Best Line: Dana tells Ed Schultz:
“I’m doing you a favor for coming on this interview.”

Predictably, the left did not appreciate Dana’s performance.

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