Chicago Activists Plan Major Protest if Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted

Chicago activists are planning a protest outside of Chicago Police Headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan at 6:30pm on whatever day the Michael Brown decision is released.
chicago ferguson

chicago protest ferguson

From the Chicago Darren Wilson Facebook page:

We will demand justice for those who have been taken from us, and those who are living in spite of a system that has deemed them disposable.

In these historic moments of rage and pain, we believe that we must come together as a community and advocate for a more expansive vision of justice. We know that the racist, sexist, classist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic mechanisms of this system are not limited to walls that cage or bullets that kill. Those who carry out the violence of the state are merely moving parts in a larger machine, and that machine is not broken. It works exactly as it was intended to. It was not built to deliver justice to people of color or others who are marginalized. That is why we must demand something larger than the indictment of one killer cop.

We must demand transformative justice.

Please bring your signs, stories, and any candles or stuffed animals that you would like to add to the imagery we will be creating in tribute to all those taken from us by state violence.

The Atlanta Police Department is also preparing for unrest in the aftermath of the Grand Jury verdict in the case of Officer Darren Wilson

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