Sick Kids Come Second When Michelle Obama Visits


St. Jude’s Hospital was founded for the sole purpose of helping children with serious and often fatal illnesses.  It revolves around the needs of the youngest and most vulnerable patients and their families to make a terrifying and overwhelming time more manageable.

That is unless Michelle Obama happens to be making a visit.  In that case, sick kids and their worried and terrified families take a back seat.  Families have been informed that children may only be accompanied by one family member for their appointments Wednesday when the First Lady visits. 

Parents told local news outlet WREG :

Many of the families who are getting medical help from St. Jude got a letter telling them children can only bring one family member with them for their appointments Wednesday, and no siblings.

Parents tell WREG while the First Lady’s visit is just one day, many of these kids are living day-to-day, and these new security rules are very upsetting.

“We met several celebrities but that’s not why I’m there,” said one patient’s mother.

Heather asked us not to use her last name. Her 4-year-old son came to St. Jude a few years ago with stage four cancer.

He’s now in remission, and she couldn’t be happier. But she’s one of several people chiming in on Facebook about the First Lady’s visit.

“I’d probably be like I need to cancel my appointments for today because I don’t know if I could be there with all that going on.”

Heather’s son is no longer at the hospital, but families who are got a letter from St. Jude.

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