SECOND INTRUDER ARRESTED in Less Than 24 Hours Trying to Enter White House

omar gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez jumped the White House fence and made it through the North Portico doors on Friday. (WPTV)

Less than 24 after a fence-jumper made it into the White House another man was arrested trying to drive his vehicle the screening area.
FOX News reported:

The Secret Service says a man was arrested for trying to unlawfully enter the White House Saturday afternoon, less than 24 hours after a fence-jumper made through the front doors of the iconic building.

According to the Secret Service, the incident started earlier Saturday afternoon when a man walked up to a gate on foot.

He later showed up at a different gate in a car and pulled into the vehicle screening area.

When the man was asked to leave and refused, he was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful entry.

“He didn’t actually break through the barricade, but he has been taken into custody,” Elizabeth Prann said on America’s News Headquarters this afternoon.

The man’s vehicle was screened by bomb technicians, and nearby streets were closed down, although the White House itself was not put on lockdown.

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