HARVARD STUDY: Schools TRASH 60% of Veggies and 40% of Fruit Under Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules

Michelle Obama’s New School Lunch Regulations Face Continued Scrutiny–

The regulations have taken money away from tutoring programs.

The regulations have cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million dollars PER DAY.


The regulations have increased food waste over 80% in America’s lunchrooms.

Now there’s more…
According to a Harvard School of Public Health Study 60% of ALL Fresh Veggies and 40% of ALL Fresh Fruit in the lunch programs are being discarded.

The kids are dumping the veggies in the trash.

WDTN reported from Ketterign School in Ohio. The school nutritionist complained about forcing undesirable food on kids.

School nutritionist Nancy Easterly – “We now have to make the kids take a fruit or a vegetable. Before it used to be an option where they could choose to take it or not.”

The National School Nutrition Association reports students across the country are saying “no” to the newer government issued fruit and vegetable standards, sending food groups to the trash, costing millions of dollars in wasted school lunches, creating mounds of nutritious garbage.

The kids are just trashing the extra fruits and veggies.

See WDTN’s video report below.

It’s becoming more and more evident why school districts around the country are ditching Obamalunch.

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