Michelle O’s Snack Ban Endangers Tutoring Programs For Low Income Students

A little more than a few weeks into their year, schools around the country already have a bad taste in their mouths from Michelle Obama’s school lunch program.

One South Carolina school, Wade Hampton High, is already projecting thousands in lost revenue at their school store, revenue they rely on to fund their after school tutoring program.

According to the school’s improvement council chair for the Wade Hampton PTSA, “The store has historically generated $30,000-$40,000 a year to fund after-school tutoring and transportation, vital programs to the school’s academic success for many of its low-to-middle income students.”

But the school won’t make the money this year so they’ll have to make cuts to the low income tutoring program.

moochell hi5

Why all the lost revenue? The free market. The government took away the things kids like to eat. Is anyone surprised students aren’t purchasing the new healthier food options?
With all the lost revenue, Michelle Obama’s fight against childhood obesity may end up causing childhood stupidity.


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