Howard Stern’s 9-11 Time Capsule

With the anniversary of the 9-11-01 attacks drawing near some have forgotten the raw emotion that we all felt that day. The following video will help you remember and it is very important for all of us to remember.

It starts off as a normal day. Howard is regaling the crew with tales of Pam Anderson when the news breaks.

Because The Stern Show was not a news organization, they were able to say what the networks were not. This was war.

Howard had eye witnesses on the phone with in seconds but most importantly they were able to act as an information funnel bringing reports and vital info from all of the news networks directly to the streets of NY and the world.

One interesting thing to listen for is the crazy amount of misinformation that was reported by the networks that day.

Listen to the roller coaster of emotions as events unfold in real time on the air.

It will bring you back to that day, you will be angry again.

The following is what I believe to be the single greatest broadcast record of 9-11:


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