Facebook Locks Down Page For Criticizing ISIS

Administrators of the popular Facebook page Global Secular Humanist Movement found themselves locked out of their page earlier this week after posting a status critical of ISIS.

The photo that started the incident featured a niqab wearing young girl holding a sign that read “we are all ISIS, support from Austria!” One of the page’s administrators shared this photo to their nearly 300,000 fans adding the caption “Support for the Islamic State in Austria?? Brainwashing kids? This needs to stop!”


Soon after this was posted, Facebook removed the photo claiming it violated the community standards and temporarily locked out all of the page’s administrators from posting.

While it is unclear which of the community standards the post violated, it is likely that the post was removed due to excessive reporting by ISIS sympathizers. If a page or photo is reported enough, it goes to either to an algorithm or to Facebook moderators to determine whether it violates the site’s terms of use.

Apparently this mild criticism of a terrorist group was enough to warrant a response from Facebook officials, but this video of a kitten being burned alive and this page named Death To America and Israel do not.

Page Owner Faisal Saeed Al Mutar declined to comment on the photo being removed saying “I don’t want to give these trolls attention because that’s what they are looking for.”

The page has since been unlocked and has gotten back to posting regularly.

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