#Ferguson Football Protest a Bust… Update: Football Protest a Decoy For “No Justice, No Baseball”

Even with major mainstream media coverage Sunday’s effort to “Shut Down The Rams Game” in St Louis, the #Ferguson – #MikeBrown protesters could only muster a handful of supporters at the game.

Local police told Progressives Today that they had extra officers on site due to the threats. However, the protesters had no effect on the crowd outside the Edward Jones Dome and ZERO impact inside during the game.

Even with $12 tickets available Progressives Today witnessed no more than eight protesters outside and only 2 entered the game. The 2 that did enter the game were forced to purchase tickets from a scalper. All that begging for free tickets to the game must not have worked. Big surprise right? DSC05419
Maybe next time they should just lay out the $12.

The Cowboys beat the Rams 34 – 31

UPDATE – It turns out “No Justice No Football” was a decoy to throw off the local cops. The real plan was to disrupt the Cardinals vs. Reds MLB game Sunday night. Even with all the Machiavellian planning they still could only draw about 15 protesters by the looks of the below vine video.

The crowd reportedly booed the protesters according to twitter.
crowd booed

And at least two were arrested.


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