Typical ==> White Chicago Communists Are Leading Riots In Missouri

There are eye witness reports coming in that white Communists are traveling to Missouri from Chicago to lead the riots against the business and residents of Ferguson.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Communists from Chicago have joined the “revolution” in Ferguson.

communists ferguson


No wonder they’re burning down businesses. That’s a Communist dream come true.


Nothing says “I care about black people” like burning down the businesses that employ them!

UPDATE: Here’s another reported sighting of imported Chicago riot leaders:

Here’s a random pull from the website of the revolutionaries from Chicago:

An Open Letter to Jon Voight: 
Shut up you Fucking Ignoramus

When Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Pedro Almodóvar and many other actors and theater people from Spain courageously spoke out publicly against Israel’s massacre in Gaza, you lashed back, saying they were “ignorant of the whole story of Israel’s birth.”

You were a cheerleader for the U.S. invasion of Iraq—that set the stage for the horrors that inflict that country today. Youcontinued to promote the absurd and obscene LIE that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction.”

You are ignorant of the facts of “Israel’s birth” based on the violent, terrorist ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

And now you cannot see that what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people in Gaza—massacring people including children, starving and terrorizing a whole population—is genocide.

How much more ignorant can anyone be?

So shut up Jon Voight, you fucking ignoramus.

Stay classy, Commies.

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