Two Gay Men Booted From Chicago Cab For Kissing

A Chicago cab driver booted two gay men form his cab because they were kissing.

Did they offend his religion?

Gay Kiss


Sun Times reports:

Two men who say they were kicked out of a cab after a brief kiss on their way home from the airport are suing the taxi company.

After the peck, the cab driver flashed the vehicle’s interior lights on and off repeatedly, the suit claims. The driver then pulled onto the shoulder of the Kennedy Expressway – while it was dark and raining – and told the two to exit the cab, according to the suit.

Thankfully this had nothing to do with the hateful religion of the cabbie:

“I told them to stop,” he said. “It was raining. I couldn’t drive with something like that. I have to drive safely because it’s raining.”

Media accounts offer scant details about the driver or his motives, so its safe to assume he wasn’t a Christian, Jew, or Buddhist.

The complaint names the cab driver Jama Anshur

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