Marxists Openly Recruiting at #MikeBrown Peace Rally in #Ferguson (VIDEO)

Thousands of supporters marched in Ferguson, Missouri on Saturday in protest of the Mike Brown shooting. While this was an opportunity for frustrated citizens to vent, it also presented an opportunity for those looking to spread evil ideology.

As you can see the Marxist were there and lettin’ the commie freak flag fly.



And live in person commu-evangelism as seen in the video below.
Here’s a bit from the vid:

Reporter- “So your socialist group is here at the gathering for what? Just to spread the word on socialism?”

Marxist – “Uh yeah…”

(later in the vid)

Reporter – “So you see a bunch of people coming out and ready to take part in something, and you wanna fill that void with socialism?”

Marxist – “…we defend the ideas of socialism because we think they’re the only consistent kind of ideas on how to change society.”

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