Upcoming Moses Movie Attacked For Having White Actors Appear in Brownface


Leftists are attacking the upcoming movie based on the story of Moses, called, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

Mic.com reports:

You’re not mistaken: That is indeed white Australian actor Joel Edgerton in the role of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. Along with white co-star Christian Bale, he’s partnered with Ridley Scott to tell the story of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt — a tale that ostensibly took place in a very, very visibly brown region of the world.

 What’s Hollywood to do? Oppress people, obviously.

Obama spiritual advisor Jim Wallis’ group, Sojourners, writes:

Some things never change. In Hollywood, whitewashing, also known as racebending, is one of many longstanding traditions (here is a brief definition and 25 examples). Historically, this practice was used to discriminate against actors, both male and female, of color. The most common examples of this in the past were white actors dressing up in what is known as blackfaceredface, and yellowface. While maybe not as controversial or blatant today, the practice of whitewashing still continues in Hollywood.

But it’s not that Hollywood producers are just lazy about their go-to actors. No, there’s a sinister motive:

When retelling a Biblical story, the effects of whitewashing are amplified. In the case of the movies Noah and Exodus, whitewashing continues a well-established practice of white sacralization through religious indoctrination. Throughout the history of European imperialism and colonialism this type of indoctrination was present. Depictions of white only Biblical figures (including prophets, angels, Jesus, etc.) were intentionally used to subconsciously indoctrinate the false belief of white divinity (and therefore superiority) upon the minds of the oppressed and conquered.

Mic.com concludes, “In short, it’s clear that Hollywood needs a makeover. And I don’t mean more ‘brownface.'”


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