The Art of the Progressive Smear: Staying Up All Night Obviously Means You’re a Coke Head


This is completely shameless and says a lot about the editorial standards – or lack thereof – of the Daily Kos.

The headline of a piece by the anonymous “LeftofYou” reads, “Is famous Birther Nut Joseph Farah a Coke Head?

Joseph Farah is the co-founder of World Net Daily, a right-wing extremist blog which would not exist at all, but for otherwise thoroughly debunked conspiracy theories. Blogger and micro-celebrity, Mr. Farah recently became actual news briefly, when he was arrested while attempting to check into a commercial airline flight at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., carrying a loaded .38 caliber revolver in his carry-on bag. …

Innuendo and speculation rule in Mr. Farah’s universe and on his blog. On WND, innuendo and speculation promote evidence free conspiracies and swift-boat the enemy, i.e., Obama, Democrats, Progressives and reality. Facts are useful only when they can provide some base on which to erect the required fabric of speculation, accusation and outright lies. That is how WND and Mr. Farah roll, baby!

So, I have to ask: Is Mr. Farah a coke head? People want to know after this story, where Mr. Farah explained his illegal possession of a firearm at an airport:

Farah explained that he had been “stressed out” over the weekend, and stayed awake Saturday night working on columns. The next day, he headed for the airport. He was scheduled to give a speech in Seattle on Monday.

“Somewhat groggy early Sunday, I actually searched my computer bag for my revolver,” Farah wrote. “I’m licensed to carry in Virginia. I didn’t see it. … When I got to Dulles Airport, I put the bag on the security belt. … The TSA agents saw the gun and signaled me over.”

So staying up all night must mean he’s a “coke head”? Quality reporting and analysis there, Daily Kos.

But this is how progressives do it: they throw out wild, completely unfounded speculation and post it on a blog where it spreads around the Internet. Eventually, enough people share it and say it and it turns into “fact.”


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