Staples Bows to Big Labor Boycott


It looks like students today might actually be learning something from teachers unions: being a bully will get you what you want. reports:

The office supply chain Staples Inc. announced this week it is canceling a pilot program with the U.S. Postal Service to offer post office services in more than 80 stores after the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers encouraged teachers to boycott its stores, Reuters reports.

“Staples will continue to explore and test products and services that meet our customers’ needs,” Staples spokeswoman Carrie McElwee told the news service in an email.

The NEA and AFT boycotts had nothing to do with educating students or any other education issue, but rather was a show of solidarity with the American Postal Workers Union, which strongly objected to the plan because it could have replaced some top-dollar postal positions with lower paid non-unionized Staples workers…

While students across the country are struggling to graduate from schools staffed with AFT and NEA teachers, the unions are focused on organized labor’s never-ending war against America’s capitalist system. The boycott was a strategic political move designed to help the country’s Big Labor coalition retain power and control at a time when its clout is quickly slipping away.

It’s the same strategy teachers unions use in school districts across the country to bully local school board members to approve spending tied to union contracts that local communities can’t afford.

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