Progressive Columnist: Thomas the Tank Engine Sends Race Messages Through Smoke Puffs


The PC Police have attacked a number of well-respected individuals over not being racially sensitive. Now they are attacking Thomas the Tank Engine too. reports:


Tracy Van Slyke, who writes for the liberal rag The Guardian, spewed her racial rhetoric and apparent refusal to allow children any enjoyment, in her latest scathing piece about this inanimate object:

“Thomas and those friends are trains that toil away endlessly on the Isle of Sodor – which seems to be forever caught in British colonial times – and, on its surface, the show seems to impart good moral lessons about hard work and friendship. But if you look through the steam rising up from the coal-powered train stacks, you realize that the pretty puffs of smoke are concealing some pretty twisted, anachronistic messages…

“(For the record, all the “villains” on Thomas and Friends are the dirty diesel engines. I’d like to think there was a good environmental message in there, but when the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke – and they are all pumping out smoke – it’s not hard to make the leap into the race territory.)”

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