‘Drunk Driver’ Hits Cop Directing Traffic At Accident Scene – Cop Attacks (VIDEO)

A video out of Maryland from earlier in the week shows a cop directing traffic around an accident scene. Suddenly a car is seen driving almost directly at the officer. Miraculously the cop is only grazed by the vehicle.

Next, the officer appears to attack the driver.

The dispute began with an unrelated multi-car, multi-injury crash on the outer loop of 495 near the Connecticut Avenue exit. Traffic was crawling to one side as police, firefighters, and state troopers worked the scene.

At one point, cones were removed from one of the blocked lanes, and soon afterwards, police say a 58-year-old driver from Baltimore swerved into it, nearly running over a 20-year veteran Montgomery County Police officer who was directing traffic.

A police spokesperson says the officer was grazed by the car, but his injuries were not serious. And after the driver stopped, a clearly upset officer tried repeatedly to open the door, pounding on the vehicle.

It is unclear as to why the driver did not immediately get out, but seconds after, the driver exited the vehicle before being pushed to the ground by the officer. [MORE…]

It’s possible the driver hesitated to get out of the vehicle because the angry officer was violently pounding on the roof. Hard to blame him for being upset, though.


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