CAPITALISM LIVES! Copy of Karl Marx’ ‘DAS KAPITAL’ Sells for $40,000


If only Karl Marx had lived long enough to enjoy the capitalist fruits of his labor. Alas, he’s dead.

But his work lives on and, apparently, is quite valuable.

The LA Times reports:


Karl Marx was not a big fan of capitalism, as he explained in his landmark book “Das Kapital.” Ironically, a first edition of it sold for big bucks at AbeBooks last week for a whopping $40,000.

In the book, the philosophical basis of Marxism, Marx wrote about the fetishization of commodities, decried the bourgeoisie and argued against the exploitation of labor.

Safe to say it wasn’t a strict Marxist who could afford to drop $40,000 on a book.

 If he had lived to see this day, I’m sure he would have spread his earnings around evenly.

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