Raw Courage: Kansas 9 Year Old Defeats Nanny State – ‘Free Little Library’ to Reopen

After a lengthy battle with the Leawood City Council, 9 year old Kansas resident Spencer Collins will be able to put his ‘little free library’ back up in his front yard.

Earlier this May, Collins set up a micro-library in his front lawn as a Mother’s Day gift to his mother, and as a gift to his community. A sign on the structure encouraged passers by to “take a book, return a book.”

Everything was going fine until the city of Leawood claimed they had ‘received complaints’ about Collins’ library and ordered him to take it down, sparking a national controversy. Since then, Collins has amassed almost 32,000 supporters on Facebook and the support of bestselling children’s authors.


milk crate boy

Speaking from on top on top of an old milk crate, Collins made his message clear, Leawood residents should be allowed to share books and build community on their property.

Thankfully, the City Council caved to media and community pressure and “unanimously approved a temporary moratorium – that exempts the little lending libraries from a city ordinance that prohibits structures in front yards.”

While the temporary moratorium expires in October, there is little doubt that young Spencer Collins will help ensure homeowner’s rights to set up lending libraries in their front yards permanently.

There are an estimated 15,000 ‘little free libraries’ in areas across the country, those interested can find the closest one to them by using this map.

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Photo credits Kansas Morning Star


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