School Lunch Leaders: Quitting Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program Will Save Us Money


Michelle Obama’s school lunch program has created a number of issues in school districts around America. Some of these districts are starting to fight back and drop the costly program. reports:

There’s a mini-rebellion brewing in school cafeterias over the stringent new lunch rules that are championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Students started this uprising in the last few years by simply refusing to eat the federally mandated school lunch offerings that contain reduced calories, sugar, sodium and fat – you know, the stuff that gives food its taste.

Now school boards are also pushing pack against D.C.’s school lunch police.

The latest to do so is Pennsylvania’s Unionville-Chadds Ford School District. reports Unionville-Chadds Ford school leaders are opting their high school students out of the National School Lunch Program, beginning next fall.

Officials said the new federal lunch rules for the 2014-15 school year – which place strict limits on sodium and require all grains to be “whole-grain rich” – will drive down food sales so dramatically that complying with the D.C. mandate doesn’t make financial sense.

The news site notes the district has already experienced a decline “in the number of students buying lunch at school, from 32 percent in 2011 to 25 percent last school year.”

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