HUH?!? Dem Rep.: Taliban Aren’t Terrorists!

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier appeared on MSNBC yesterday and defended the Taliban. Yes, really.

Worse, she’s a member of the Armed Services Committee, so this delusional opinion actually has power in the Congress.

Here’s the shocking segment:

“Now for those that are concerned about members of the Taliban we need to remember that once we leave Afghanistan – whether it’s totally in 2015 or 2014 – our ability to detain these Taliban members becomes much less certain. If are not in an active war setting, our ability to detain them as POWs becomes suspect. …

“Let me underscore the term ‘terrorist.’ The Taliban is part of the fabric of Afghanistan. They were part of the leadership of that country before we engaged there. …

“To say that they are terrorists, at this point, is not necessarily accurate.”

Prior to those statements, Speier said, “I think that leadership should have been put on notice.”

Makes sense. But then she quickly goes off the rails again.

“Beyond that, let’s get on to understanding what was the status of these detainees. Were they subject to torture while they were at Gitmo. Were they waterboarded,” Speier wondered.

Claiming the Taliban aren’t terrorists is remarkable.

Apparently Speier has forgotten – or is okay with – this Taliban-led execution of women in a soccer stadium in 2008.

After all, who are we to judge? The Taliban’s apparently excusable “war on women” is just a part of the “fabric of Afghanistan.” At least that’s the line of thinking from a Democrat member of the Armed Services Committee.



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