Another Obama Lie Exposed: Central America Murder Rates Are Down – Not Up

The Obama administration claims it is “abundantly clear” that most of the new immigrants crossing into Texas are fleeing Central American violence. Three out of every four children intercepted since October are from Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras, said the Border Patrol memo.

The Obama administration claims the illegal children pouring into the US are forced to flee Central America to escape the escalating violence.

But it’s not true.
Central American homicide rates remain the same or slightly lower over the past couple years.
murder rate central america


The illegal immigrants are not crossing the open US border because of violence.
They’re coming to the US because of Obama policies.

The Los Angeles Times reported that illegal immigrants who are flooding across the border have said they went north only after reports had been “circulating throughout Central America that parents with children are allowed to stay in the United States indefinitely.”

Does it really surprise you that this border crisis was all orchestrated by the Obama White House?

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