The Left is using latest round of climate hysteria to distract from Obama’s ruinous policies

Michael Fish weather forecast

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Perhaps you’ve noticed that Democrats and their co-workers in the media are acting especially hysterical lately about “man-made climate change.”

In just the past few days, there’ve been news stories warning that climate change could destroy America’s national landmarks, imperil our national security, lead to more wildfires, and even disrupt corn and rice production. (“Cereal lovers of the world may want to start stocking up now,” warns

On Wednesday, a group of leading Democrats gathered outside a Senate office building to highlight the need for immediate legislative action. California Sen. Barbara Boxer even called for an end to climate change “denial,” a deliberate word choice to subtly link climate-change skeptics to Holocaust deniers.

The environmentalists and their media groupies have obviously decided to crank up the volume of their alarmism to “11,” but why now?

That’s easy.

Leftists want to talk about the weather because the rest of their agenda has proven to be a total flop with the American people. Just consider the list of issues Democrats don’t want to talk about with the November elections looming.

Health care: The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) is even more unpopular today than when Democrats muscled it through Congress in 2010, according to various polls. And those negative feelings will probably intensify over the summer months as insurers reveal their 2015 premium increases.

The economy: U.S. economic growth for the first quarter of 2014 was an anemic .1 percent. Conservative thinker George Will correctly described the situation as “a calamity” and “an astonishing, perverse achievement.”

Foreign Policy: President Obama took office promising to restore America’s reputation throughout the world, but has only managed to make the U.S. appear impotent and feckless. From Benghazi to Ukraine, Democrats aren’t able to claim many foreign policy successes.

With those major issues off the table, that doesn’t leave much for the Democrats to talk about … which accounts for the new glut of climate change stories.

To be sure, Democrats have talked about other topics, too, namely immigration reform, the (phony) “war on women” and income inequality. They also like to talk about racism whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Basically, they’re looking for any issue that will successfully distract voters’ attention away from the smoldering economic ruins caused by Democratic policies.

But climate change seems to be their latest and biggest focus. Democrats know that if voters head to the polls in November focused on the economy and health care costs, they’re going to lose the Senate and President Obama is going to emerge as one very lame duck.

As a result, progressives are going to expend a lot of hot air in the coming weeks warning about man-made climate change.

Yes, it’s going to be a long, hot summer – regardless of what the weather is actually like.


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