Sorry Congressman Garcia, California university’s ‘Che Café’ proves communism FAILS


SAN DIEGO – Communism is expensive. That’s what the University of California-San Diego is finding out.

The real-world experience of the Che Café seems to disprove the rhetoric of Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia, who said, “We’ve proven that communism works.”


Fox News has the story:

University of California-San Diego students have run the “Che Café Collective” for 34 years, a vegan co-op and concert venue boasting “exorbitantly low” prices and volunteer staffing. But it’s consistently in the red, costing the student body nearly $1 million over the years, and isn’t kept up to fire or safety codes. School officials are threatening to cut off funding, which would shut down the campus fixture, but a band of students is fighting back.

“The venue has been operating for 34 years and it’s the longest-running volunteer space in Southern California, if not in all of California,” café volunteer Rene Vera told “And our building is covered in murals that document a lot of that history.” …

The university’s student-run newspaper, The Guardian, characterized the venue as a “money pit consistently plagued with safety issues” in a recent editorial, urging its principals to start utilizing better fiscal management of nearly $1 million in student fees.

“Many students also don’t realize that the money being spent on the café’s renovation comes directly from student fees; in other words, we are collectively pouring almost one million dollars of our money into repairing a cooperative that the vast majority of us don’t even use.”

The disciples of Che Guevara – the murderous thug advancing socialist revolution in Central America and South America in the mid-20th century – claim it’s all just an “orchestrated attack.”

If communism really works, why don’t they make their “collective” self-sustaining and not use $1 million from people who never soak up their nonsense.

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