Common Core creating backlash against legitimate reform efforts

frustrated kid

NEW YORK – In their zeal for a nationalized education system, Common Core supporters are actually undermining one of the most important education reform policies in recent memory: performance-based teacher evaluations.

It took education reform advocates years to convince enough state lawmakers that a teacher’s job review should be partially linked to how much his or her students are learning – as determined by standardized test scores.

Reform advocates pointed out that teacher evaluation systems based solely on the subjective observations of a school principal were antiquated. Not only that, but reform supporters correctly noted that the outmoded evaluations were the reason that the vast majority of educators were being rated as “effective” – even as student learning declined.

The teacher unions fought bitterly against this premise, until they realized they were on the wrong side of public opinion. Union leaders then switched to Plan B, which was to minimize the percentage that test scores would comprise in educators’ overall evaluations.

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