Christian Easter Display in Daley Plaza Vandalized (Video)

The Christian display at Daley Plaza in Chicago was vandalized this week.
Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

The Easter display was pierced numerous times and the four panels were smashed.
FOX 32 reported:

The message is one of Divine Mercy, but this year the Jesus canvas erected at Daley Plaza has prompted an angry response. Someone has vandalized the display.

The vandalism happened sometime overnight. The 15-foot tall canvas display of Jesus had been pierced numerous times and the plexiglass coverings on the four panels around it had been smashed.

“It’s just a sad state,” Eulana Jones said. “The way that our world has become to where you will vandalize something as sacred as that.”

The Jesus display and the nearby cross are part of the Divine Mercy Project which went up on Good Friday and will be in Daley Plaza for nine days.

This is the fourth year the canvas painting has been here, but the cross has been displayed, with all the proper permits from the city, since 2007 and no one has ever damaged it.

“My first thoughts is we’re doing something right, because as Christians we believe that if you’re really living the Christian life you’re gonna get some interference from the enemy,” Michael Sullivan of the Divine Mercy Project told FOX 32’s Craig Wall.

Michael Sullivan, with says he will be filing a police report and he expressed disappointment that someone was so angry they lashed out in this way.

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