Progressive Author Supports Population Control To Curb Global Warming

Progressive Author Robert Meeropol (

If Population Control is found to be apart of the cure in the fight against man-made Global Warming, then the Progressive ideology of Communism has done more than it’s fair share of prevention. With an estimated 15 million people (at least) having been exterminated in the creation, and ruling of, the former Soviet Union, one might say Communism has been leading the pack on protecting the planet.

While the majority of us on the right aren’t even willing to admit that man-made Global Warming exists, let alone suggest that controlling the world’s population is some ‘cure’, there are those on the political left who are beginning to suggest that it is indeed an answer to the fictional global climate ‘problem’.

According to an article on the Communist Party USA News, People’s World, self described Progressive author, activist, and Communist, Robert Meeropol, supports the idea of controlling the population in order to fight Global Warming:

Seven billion people are way too many, and 10 billion will just hasten disaster. Weisman’s point is well-taken; we must and can bring down the population through universal education, and government assisted family planning programs, and doing so is a necessary condition of controlling global warming.

Mr. Meeropol’s comment leaves us to wonder.  Does he just support Family Planning and Abortion?  Or do his ideals of Progressivism and Communism allow him to support the ‘population control’ tactics of Stalin?

Let’s hope… we’ll never have to find out.

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