Pro-Russian Communists Attack U.S. Documentary Crew In Ukraine

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According to an article on CBS, a documentary film crew from Pittsburgh was attacked by Pro-Russian Communist protesters in the Ukraine:

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The State Department has updated its warning, urging U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to Crimea and eastern regions of Ukraine.

The danger in that part of the world is something an award-winning film crew from Pittsburgh knows all too well after they were attacked in a Ukrainian town last weekend.

“Red flag, communist flag, communist flag,” a translator described a flag flying over the town square.

Last Saturday, a local documentary crew of six – based in Downtown Pittsburgh – was capturing the mood of a pro-Russia rally as it wound down in the Ukrainian town of Mariupol.

The woman, referring to the crew, speaks with the translator:

Woman: “Make sure they tell the truth.”

Translator: “They’ll tell the truth. They’re not interested in our politics.”

Woman: “What country are they from?”

Translator: “They’re American guys.”

Within minutes those “American guys” from Pittsburgh were told to get out, running for their lives.

That is how people can die when nationalistic feelings reach a fever pitch.

In Ukraine, for four days, the documentary crew was there to tell the story of a man named Gennadiy, who cares for children at an orphanage.

But the crew quickly became targets – as a crowd became a mob – and insults escalated into kicking, punching and tear gas.

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