Hanoi Jane Publishes Sex Book To “Help” Teens

jane fonda
“Hanoi” Jane Fonda in Communist Vietnam 1972 (Breitbart.com)

If you were to make a list consisting of all the people you trust to give your teenager advice, I’m willing to bet “Hanoi” Jane Fonda isn’t in the top 1,000.  But that still didn’t stop her from writing a book attempting to give teens advice (Dang it).

According to a book review on The Boston Globe, earlier this month Jane Fonda published, as the reviewer put it, a rather “dry sex book” to help teens:

Fonda is the second actress in recent years to reinvent herself as a teen-advice doyenne; Elizabeth Berkley, star of “Showgirls” and “Saved by the Bell,” put out a self-help book for the high school set in 2011. But unlike the chatty “Ask Elizabeth,” “Being a Teen” is very matter-of-fact.

That someone whose most famous cinematic moments involved a zero-gravity strip tease would pen a dry sex book might come as a surprise, but “Being a Teen” is intended to serve as a reference, or, as Fonda calls it in the preface, a “dip-in book.” It is divided into 20 illustrated chapters, each subdivided into several short subtopics that address everything from gender identity to how to insert a tampon.

To read the complete review go Here.


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