Google Rep Talks To Socialist/Progressive Group About The Importance Of Using Social Media To Win Elections

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What happens when a representative from Google attends a meeting held by a group who was co-founded by a Socialist?  The Google rep gives them advice on how to win elections of course.

According to an article on I-Politics, Lauren Skelly who is the public policy and government relations representative for Google Canada, spoke at the Progress Summit on the 28th where she talked to the Progressives in the audience about the importance of using  to Social Media and You Tube to win elections:

Google’s Lauren Skelly had a very simple message for delegates at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit: get on the internet, because online engagement is key for campaigns.

“This is a way for you to reach so many more people than you are right now,” she told a crowded room at the Delta Hotel in downtown Ottawa.

It’s likely something the roomful of left-leaning campaigners and organizers have heard before: social media, whether with Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus, or all of the above – is increasingly important in organizing campaigns, whether for elections or for other causes.

And Skelly, who does public policy and government relations for Google Canada, made the pitch that Google Plus, as well as YouTube which is owned by Google, is an important place to be online.

The first annual summit features speakers, panel events and a keynote from former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard over the course of the weekend.

At the Google campaign session, Skelly noted that Google and YouTube are the two largest search engines on the internet, touting examples from the United States of politicians and campaigns using Google tools effectively. Viewers are twice as likely to remember a message, in video format, when they see it both on television and on YouTube, she added.

The Progress Summit was held by the Broadbent Institute which was co-founded by the former Vice-President of Socialist International, Ed Broadbent.

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