Former White House Adviser: Obama Views Fighting Global Warming Key To His “Legacy”

Obama Selfie

An argument could be made that President Obama’s legacy will consist mainly of failed progressive policies and White House released pictures of himself in response to, well.. everything (not counting the selfie above).

But according to an article on The Sydney Morning Herald, a former White House adviser claims that President Obama considers his fight to curb (fictional) man-made Global Warming as the key to his Presidential legacy during his second term:

Heather Zichal, who worked with Barack Obama from his 2008 election campaign until late last year when she resigned as chief climate and energy adviser, said the president viewed action to curb global warming as ”key to his legacy in his second term”.

It’s a shame the President doesn’t consider the reduction of unemployment and job killing regulations key to his legacy…. but then again, that wouldn’t be very “Sustainable” of him.   Would it?

To read more of the article go Here.

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